Reference Sires

"Appollo Davis 2550"


SOLD to David Pinckney and Ashley McFarland in New York.

He is a proven sire to really good lambs out of him and out of his dad Ollie.


"Hancock 2030"
leased from Hancock Hampshires


"Miller 835"
New sire for 2012

  Master Copy Masterpiece
Miller 2850
Miller 835  
  Miller 3429 Hancock 3042
Miller 3171


"Parr 1153"
New sire for 2012

  Parr 1013 Wheaton 074
Miller 3561
Parr 1153
           (LiL Ollie)
  Parr 917 Parr 702
Parr 489

"Miller 771"


"Hancock 2061"
Owned with Hancock Hampshires

"Classic 074"

Classic 074” was the 2nd place Jan. ram for Wheaton Hampshire’s at the 2008 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. He is sired by the popular Miller Classic ram and his dam is the Wheaton 393 stud ewe.

  Miller 214 Miller 964
Miller 3002
“Classic 074”  
Wheaton 074
  Wheaton 3-093 Cabaniss 069
Wheaton 2-042

"Mister 828"

“828” is a Cabaniss breed ram we raised and retained from our 2008 lamb crop. He was used lightly for 2009 and the lambs are a must see.

  Cabaniss 208
Cabaniss 224-1
Cabaniss 890
“Mister 828”    
  Cabaniss 277 Cabaniss 715
Cabaniss 202

Cabaniss 208 “Buckshot”
by Cabaniss 261 ewe

He is so “expressive” in his muscle pattern and design from his hip to his rack

  Cabaniss 208
Cabaniss 224-1
Cabaniss 890
  Cabaniss 261 Cabaniss 86
Cabaniss 225


This "TEX" son is out of a "499" daughter.
He has an extremely neat front, long neck, with the top shape and hip to make very stylish market lambs. Since he is a March lamb, we will be using him on a select group of "Buckshot" daughters with a limited number of lambs available in the spring of 2007.
Call early to place orders.

"Houston" was purchased from Wheaton Hampshires this spring as a 45 day old lamb. His twin sister was named the 2006 Champion Hampshire wether Dam & Supreme Champion Ewe at the 2006 Midwest wether Classic in Sedalia MO.

  Miller 689 (Tex) Miller513
Wheaton 0095
  Wheaton 128 Cabaniss 499
Wheaton 99-32

Cabaniss 208

A great RR “Pistol” son from Cabaniss Hamps
This popular buck was our choice of the 2004 Yearlings. Twin wether sold for $3000.
We have sold only a limited number of ewe lambs as they have been outstanding.

Buckshot x Miller 2970

"511" is a home raised "Buckshot" son we have retained from the 2005 Lamb crop to use in our own flock.


Roger & Marie Parr
33425 E CR 1000N
Mason City, IL 62664


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