Parr Hampshires Since 1991

The Parr name has been known in the purebred livestock industry since the late 1940’s. First as the Charles Parr & sons Angus farm and later as La-Ne-Ro farms. As “La-Ne-Ro Farms,” the farm became known world wide for the Landrace hogs shown and exported world wide. As each family grew they expanded into their own specialty, species, or breed within a species. Roger and Marie started the Hampshire sheep flock with their children in the early 1990’s. The flock now consists of about 55 brood ewes that are all registered Hampshire wether type sheep. The starter flock was from the flocks of Houghton and Hubbard breeding. The last eight years we have added Wheaton, Miller, and Cabaniss ewes. We have used all Cabaniss or Cabaniss bred Rams the last seven years. The pedigrees are strong with “Levi”, “118”, “79”, and now Pistol.

The main focus of our breeding program is on the “meat type” or club lamb industry. We concentrate on sound, productive females for replacements within the flock, believing that the females are the very back bone of any breeding program. All rams kept are the quality of lambs that we would or will use in our own breeding program. Breeding stock is available at the farm most of the time during the year. Club lambs are for sale at the farm or in some of the major shows and sales we attend.

The farm is located one mile west of Mason City, IL.



Roger & Marie Parr
33425 E CR 1000N
Mason City, IL 62664


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